A Little Something For You…

I have been writing and figured I would share this with you, it is part of Volume II…..  Enjoy! xoxo

As you know most of my clients have these crazy little things they do for me, aside from sex and money. I get discounts, free shit, etc. So as it is, one night I am eating dinner in one of my favorite clients places.   It is a table for one, but he always comes and sits with me in between helping customers or his staff. I see this little old man walk in, and my client gets up to go meet him. I hear this exchange between them:

Little Old Man: Hey so-and-so, how is everything?

      Client: Im great! How are you?

      Little Old Man: Eh, same. How is the wife?

      Client: Oh she is still a pain in my ass.

Do not ask me why, but I paused my eating. I looked at him, not expecting him to be looking back at me. I quickly realized what just happened and resumed eating almost as fast as I had stopped.

My client came over after the old man left. Silently he sat in his spot, not too sure what to say. Fortunately for both of us, I am the master of awkward situations and I was able to put this together and enjoy my dinner.

On the ride home I could not help but replay that over and over in my head. Was I jealous? No, that is impossible. Was he feeling guilty? Did he think that I did not know he was married? No, we have talked about his wife countless times. I pulled into my driveway as unclear as I was when I left the restaurant. Sitting there, I knew that I had no hope for any sleep unless I addressed this immediately. I never even got out of the car and was walking through the door of his place twenty minutes later.

“Did you forget something?” he asked. “No, do you have a second?” I replied. We walked through the kitchen, into a second bigger kitchen. It was dark but for the lights from the smaller space. I have been here before, fucking him before he opened or late after he closed. But now I was here because I really needed to know what happened before. I don’t ever mince my words, so I just flat out asked him what the fuck went on before? He moved closer to me as I was talking, babbling actually. I was trying to explain to him how I don’t feel…..I never get “emotionally attached” and most of all, I NEVER EVER get jealous. He said nothing. He did lift his hand and move the hair off of my face and looked at me. “Say something!” I said. “It’s ok” were the only two words he said. IT’S OK??? No, no no no no……it is NOT ok, because I don’t know how to do this whole communicate thing. I do not feel these emotions of jealousy, and whatever else you would call this awful feeling that I had.

We heard someone coming and he walked toward them so as to not have “someone” see us. The person was letting him know they were done, and were leaving. He told them he would lock up and to just go. As he was walking back to me, the NORMAL me could not help but think about how sexy he looked. The black and white checkered pants, the white chef coat. Thankfully, I am a professional. When he was close enough I pressed my hips against him and leaned back to look at his face. “You know what, forget it, I had a “wine” moment.” He still said nothing. I reached my hands up and pulled the buttons on his top open. The smell, the look, the feel of him made me even crazier that I am sure I already was. My hands were now on his exposed chest and I desperately wanted to find the most perfect thing to say so that I was no longer the girly person he probably thought I was. Nope, I had nothing. My hands went down to his pants and I ripped all of the snaps open. As fast as that happened, I was down on my knees looking at a very, very pretty cock.   The second I took it into my mouth, I felt much better. At first it was not too hard, not too soft. Let’s just say it was there, and needed a little coaxing be all that I knew it could be. The head of his cock was meeting the back of my throat. His hands were on my head, helping him to fuck my mouth. “Oh my God you give the best blowjobs” he said. I looked up at him while taking the entire length of his cock. “What a face. You like when I fuck your face?” All that I could do was close my eyes and moan. Truth is, he knows that I love it. I love cock in my mouth, followed by cum down my throat. Hard, soft, sitting, standing or laying down. As long as I can taste and smell a man, sucking cock is like oxygen to me.

“I want to fucking cum in your mouth so bad!” he says. I don’t stop him. But he pushed my head off of him and lifted me up and bent me over the stainless steel counter. His hands were warm, which was a contrast to the ice cold metal I was resting on. He slid my pants off, and I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. I expected to feel that raging hard cock in my ass or my pussy, but I was pleasantly surprised by a hot, wet mouth. His tongue was at the bottom of my dripping pussy. I felt it move up towards my ass until it stopped and he was tongue fucking my ass. That only lasted for a few moments, and then his tongue was replaced with his finger. I heard him spit onto my pussy, then I felt that heat again. His mouth was slurping and sucking on my pussy from behind as his finger fucked my ass. My moans were off the charts, this felt amazing. My hand reached around to his head and I was pushing it, burying his face. My legs were shaking. I am sure he felt them tremble, so he took both hands and put them on my thighs as if he wanted to hold me up while he made me cum on his face. My nails dug into his skin while the rest of my body caught up with my legs. The moans went from individual ones into one rolling one as the cum went from my pussy to his face. He wanted to keep going after I came, but his mouth on my clit was unbearable, it was so sensitive. Next thing that I know his hard cock was sliding into my soaking wet pussy, and he was fucking me hard as I was still cumming. He could feel my pussy spasm around him. We both could hear the squishing sound being made. His hands were on my ass and I could feel his fingertips pressing so hard into my skin. It was like he was trying to get as far as he could inside of me. The more he fucked me the harder I felt his cock get, and I knew that he was ready to cum. I reached around and grabbed him and put the head of his cock against my ass so that he could fuck it. In one thrust his wet head was inside. I let out a loud moan, the pain, oh my god the pain. He stopped for a second and then thrust again so that his whole cock was buried in my ass.

I began to fuck him back, knowing that he loved the tightness of my ass around his cock. He watched as it disappeared into my ass, until he yelled that he was going to cum. “Do you want to cum in my ass?”   “YES!” “Give it to me, give me that cum, come on”. In one very hard thrust he began to cum. Fingertips digging even harder into my skin, he thrust, stopped, thrust, stopped releasing all of his cum into my ass. Once he was done, he stayed there. We were both panting, and his body was laying on mine. I felt him kiss the back of my neck.

After a few minutes (which seemed like hours) he stood up and gently pulled out. We got dressed. As we were walking back through his place, I led the way. He grabbed my hand and stopped me near the counter. He reached into the register and went to count out money. At first I was not sure why, but then he handed me hundred dollar bills. I gave it back and said “No, its ok. That was my thank you for dinner.” I did not give him the chance to say anything. I leaned over to kiss him goodbye and walked out.

As I started the car, I just realized that I was leaving exactly the same way that I left earlier…..only this time, my ass was full of his cum.

~xo V


Kiss And Tell

It has been a LONG time since I felt the urge to come here and dish on a sesh.  But every now and again one comes along that is so damn hot, I have no choice but to put it here for posterity.

If you know me, which some of you do, you know that I am more of the pillow princess type.  It is not too often that I am on the geisha end of the spectrum.  Well, last night was one of those exceptions.

Knowing that my guest likes to shower, I had put some candles in the bathroom.  We showered and had a little tiny bit of play while in there, just to set a mood.  He was dried off before me, and moved the candles to the bed area and then laid down.  I don’t really know what it was, but I wanted him to roll over onto his stomach so that I could lotion him up.  The bed is high so it was the perfect height for a rub down with me standing next to the bed.  Of course I did the back and his legs and his arms.  The part that got me really going though, was when my hands were in the upper inner thigh.  Now and then I would brush on his balls, and I thought to myself that I never really am that close to that area in such a non-sexual way. Talk about your unfamiliar territory!

Now and then I would bend over and kiss his body.  A few times on his ass, a few on his legs.  A few on his back.  As I was standing rubbing him, I felt his fingers on my thigh, he was making his way to my pussy.  He found it pretty quickly and I can feel his fingers inside of me.  At this point, I am not even using my head, I am just reacting on instinct.  My hips are moving around to get his fingers deeper as I continue to rub his body.  After a few minutes I can hear the wetness of my pussy as he is finger-fucking me.

He rolls over, and I have no choice but to put his cock into my mouth.  There is nothing that I love more than having a cock in my mouth.  With all that is going on in my head, I just think that I wish there was a way to get it deeper each time.  It is hitting the back of my throat, but I want more….and so does he.  His hands are on my head pushing my face down as far as it can go.  I see his face, and he is enjoying this as much as I am which makes me even more crazy!  He wants me to take his balls and his cock into my mouth, together, that is how deep its going.

I move his legs apart and climb up so that I am laying between his legs.  His cock is ridiculously hard, and almost hard to bend back so that I can take it all.  As it moves along the roof of my mouth, my hands push his balls up to my mouth and I take what I can into it.  Licking around the bottom of his balls,  I just keep going and want to have every bit of him in my mouth.  I want him to cum, and then I don’t want him to.  I want to stay there for hours and just enjoy this perfectly hard cock as it fucks my face.

Knowing full well that I can’t just do that, I lift my mouth off of his cock and move my body up to where my pussy is over his cock, and I lower myself down onto him.  My pussy is so tight from being so excited, the feeling of him pressing into me is enough to make me let out this crazy moan as I slide him into me.  I ride him for a really nice amount of time, and know that I could cum at any moment but I am not ready.  This is one of those sessions that I enjoy probably more than the other person!

The wetness from my excitement makes his cock slip out of me, and rather than put it back I go back down and lick all of my juice off of him.  He flips me onto my back and slides his cock in for a moment and then he  pulls out and now it is his turn.  I feel his breath on me, and then fingers slide into me.  Immediately after, his wet mouth is all over my pussy.  He is fucking me with his finger as his tongue rolls all over my clit.  I beg for more fingers and he obliges.  I beg him to talk to me, and as he is fucking me with his hand, he is telling me that I suck cock so amazing that I should have more, many more now to suck.  That drives me crazy and after a few minutes of him telling me the details of how it would be to watch me take ten or so cocks into my mouth, and one by one they cum in it makes me fucking crazy and I start to cum as my body twitches on his hand.

Im still cumming and he rises up and puts his cock into my hot, wet pussy as its still clenching.  We are fucking now, missionary and I am in this intense calm daze still feeling the orgasm I just had.  I push his chest away from me, and I move from under him and stand on the side of the bed and he gets up on his knees.  To see this amazing cock, so hard, just there….I take him into my mouth again and taste me all over it.  After a few minutes of sucking him off again, I get back on the bed.  My back is to him and I am on my knees.  I lean forward to put my ass up in the air.  He slides his cock into me, burying it so deep it hurts.  I turn my head to the side and see us in the mirror.  I tell him that it is so fucking hot to watch him fuck me.  I rarely get to see that, me being fucked doggy….and the sight is so insane that hes is fucking me and I am pushing back into him.

We are exchanging words at this point…Im telling him to fuck me harder and he is telling me to watch as he does so.  Not too long passes and he get to his very end, and I can feel his cock grow as he is ready to cum.

And that, my friends is literally all she wrote, because I am done 🙂  I am not even proofreading this, I am that done.

~xo V

It Is Like One Big Circle of Sex…..

There seems to be some truth to the statement that whatever you put out there is what you get back.  I ooze sex, and it seems that most things that happen in my life are about or related to….SEX.   This weekend I had to use a car service and after a little bit of an issue with his driver, I ended up speaking to the owner and picking up a new client.  New clients for me are rare, since I hardly have time for the ones that I have, but this guy earned it………yes, he earned the right to pay to fuck me…….

This is the easy kind though.  He called me back after I had complained, so I know who he is.  The drivers that I have had I guess figured out what I do, and they must have been talking because he knew who I was and what I did.  The rest is, as they say, history!  Sure does beat the new client you have to basically strip search before you can fuck them to make sure you are safe and they are the real deal.  (I say real deal because I will not have sex with some little prick that saves a months pay to fuck me)

So, this makes the ump-teenth professional that I have met that has become a client.  Lets see, there was the Dr., the Realtor, the restauranteur, the car dealership owner, the investment banker.  I mean I have sought them out for what they do, and they ended up being clients.  Which explains why Im healthy, have a beautiful residence, eat like a queen, have the best cars and grow my money wisely LOL!!!


~x0 V

A View Into This Crazy Mind of Mine

I was thinking today that I have been in the sex-for-money industry for 15 years (at least).  That means that I have seen some pretty crazy shit.  Some of this has been written about in my book, but there is so much more that has not.  Let’s start with today.  It is the day after New Year’s Day.  Most of my regular clients are still doing the family thing, or are away on holiday.  SO, my pretty little self figured that I would have a maintenance day.  As I am en route to the salon, I get a call from so and so.  He wants to see me TODAY.  I tell him that I can not do it, and that I am actually on my way to get my nails done, etc.  He actually says to me that I should forgo the appointment and meet him.  Hold the fuck on here.  So what you are saying is that I can just come see you and we can bone, regardless to how you find me aesthetically?  Yeah no dick bag, because THAT is how you view your WIFE and I do not get PAID to be the ass you are going to settle for because you have nothing else to do!!!  I get PAID because I am that extra special pussy that you would do anything to fuck.  So NO….that did not go over to well.

This morning I am walking up 7th Ave and I get a text telling me that so and so was going to get in the shower.  Me, being a woman, and a massive horndog suggest that he FaceTime me…..and he does.  Thing is, my headphones are not on, and well, I AM WALKING UP 7TH AVE!!!  I don’t think at first, and all of the people around me can see this cock on my phone, and I am like TOUCH IT!!!!, etc.  Finally I realize that there are people looking and I end the call.

A few weeks ago, I went to an adult club.  (Sex club, swingers club, whatever you want to call it)  It was pretty seedy, but then again, how many places can you go and there are 30+ men standing around with their dicks out that are above standard??  I investigate a little bit, and then go with my companion for the evening (I am tired of the word client tonight!!) to a back area.  I sit, and in less than one minute, every guy is standing around me with their cock in their hands.  I am seriously trying to have a conversation and keep a straight face.  Then, this lady comes in with a skin tight gold dress on.  She talks at the same decibel level as a jet engine.  “Do you know who I am?” she asks several people.  No one does, so she is like “I am a Mob Wife!”  She clearly is fucking insane, and is yelling at everyone.  “What? Do you want to touch my twat?” “What the fuck do you think I am?” “I look good for 53!!”  I was ready to pay someone to put their cock in her mouth.  As for me, I am pretty sure there were a few stray fingers on my pussy, but fortunately, my “companion du jour” made sure that I was safe.  Especially since we had  a Mob Wife there!! 😉

Many of the people in my life are aware of what I do.  My wax girl is by far the best.  She LOVES to hear any stories I have.  And unlike you all, she is easy to please ;).  I can simply tell her that she has to be gentle because I had a rough night and she goes crazy over that.  The second I start talking about anal sex, she perks up and says YA YA YA every second as she nods her head like crazy.  And blow jobs?  Oh lord, she goes apeshit.  She can not fathom putting a dick in ones mouth and needs to hear every little detail.  I gave her a copy of my book when it was first published and the next time I saw her she said I was a crazy bitch!

Anywho…I need to eat some dinner, but I just wanted to give you something!

~xo V

Fucktardia is conquering more land

For the love of all that’s holy can someone please write a “visiting nyc for dummies”???? I have done the leg work just need the person to write this bitch!

I want to get coffee. I’m in leggings uggs and a sweatshirt. Hair is up. Standing in line. This dumb bitch asks me for coffee. What country are you from that the barista stands in front of you in line???! I said “I get a caramel macchiato” trying to see if she meant what SHOULD she get. She’s like no plain please and is ready to hand me money.

I should have taken it.

Xo ~V

2015 Finally

This is not going to be one of those “New Year, New ME!” posts.  After all, I love the ME that I am, so why fuck with what’s good?  I also believe that we are products of what we are conditioned to think is reality, so for me, this whole Jan 1=new year=new beginning thing isn’t quite cutting it.  So what does this mean?  It mean’s that today is still the day after yesterday, tomorrow is the day after today, and Val is still and always will be just that….Val.

That being said, since today is a very very quiet day for me, I am going to spend it watching the Tudors, and possibly going through my shoes later.  I may need backup on that one!

xo~ V

Sometimes My Brain Should Stop

This morning I am waiting on my Uber, and I have a larger size bag that I carry.  This guy walks INTO me (because you know, the city sidewalks are way too small to actually move over and not hit me) and sends my bag off of my shoulder.  He looks at me and mutters something under his breath.  I wrinkle my face and say “fuck you”.  My car comes and I get in and start to read my facebook.  On my timeline is a friend I remember from high school and he is going on about how he notices that after all of his posts about the events that have been going on in NYC and the rest of the country, all of his white friends are silent.  Even the good friends he has.  He then calls us out (I say ‘us’ because I am white) to reply to him, should we be brave enough.

Now, most of you have a great sense of my personality.  For those that don’t, I painted a slight image with my bag-bumper reaction.  I usually hold nothing back.  So, I replied.  I said “[Insert Friends Name], we are not silent because you have made an incredible amount of sense in all of your rants.  We are silent because if we say what is really and truly on our minds, we are going to be deemed racist.  You have already deemed us that in our silence.  But, as always, I will say what is on my mind, which in no way reflects what is the common thought.  I am OVER this.  I am so damn tired of hearing about the struggle, and all that you as a black man have been through.  To be totally honest, it is BULLSHIT!  You post images of your Louis Vuitton shoes, your three piece suits and your Benz.  You quote Allah and post messages about faith, clarity, and the teachings of your higher being.  You want to talk of oppression, but from where I sit, you are quite far from oppressed.  Are you black?  Well, yes, you are.  But you know NOTHING of what you speak.  I know more white people that know the ‘struggle’ better than you, and more white people that have been pretty roughed up by the 5-0.  I have a friend that can not ride his motorcycle down the highway without being pulled over simply because of his colors on his bike.  But know what?  When he gets pulled over, he does not say hey mister pig, fuck you and your people.  He says ok, yes sir, and no sir, and have a good day sir.  Granted when it is all said and done, he goes off on his cop-hating rant, but he gets the fact that we are a civilized society.  One that requires governance, rules, and an authority that sometimes has to break one piece of wood to save the whole building.  He doesn’t act like a fool because in his head 200 years ago, he feels his forefathers got screwed.   And lastly my old friend, I feel I should remind you.  The very system you hate is the system that has given you the opportunity to buy those shoes and that car and the freedom to spew your religious crap freely.  Oh, and the cops you hate so much?  Well, what they do is keep people like me (who get that there are rules) from throat punching really fucking obnoxious people, somewhat like you.  You can unfriend me, you can call me names, you can do whatever you like.  But please, cut your shit, cause it really does stink.”

I did not have much time to look at facebook after that this morning.  So when I got home, he did actually unfriend me, and he also sent me a private message.  He said he was impressed about my courage to say all that I did, but all of his “Queen’s” were so mad, he had to unfriend me.  But of course, we should message each other.  Yeah, ok.  If I were a dude, he would have called me out so fast, and even want to get crazy.  But because I am some hot chick with a smoking hot pussy, he wants to keep that door open.  Yeah, his struggle is real.  *Sipping my tea, turning my head*

xo ~V

Taking a Break!

Fortunately it has been a slower week for me than usual.  Less clients gave me more time to handle all the oversight needed  on the website (which will be back up soon!)…..so that was  a good  thing.   But as you know, my specialty is not websites, it’s fucking.  So I really need to pay some homage to my week in sex.  If you are reading this and you saw me this week, you know that I was far more turned on than usual (which is normally way above average!).  Maybe it’s hormonal, who knows but damn, I can not get enough!!  Monday was crazy for me because while I am a very open-minded girl, or kinky, depending on who you ask or which board you read (LOL) I like cock-to-pussy fucking best.  But Monday was my ass day I  guess because I had it twice in the ass!!!!  (I’m smiling, not complaining!)  The one thing that I have to say was my Monday afternoon was the BEST.  I was super horny already, relaxed and there was nothing that was going to stop him from fucking my ass.

Of course, sex is great regardless and there was not a moment this week that I regret.  There is something that I am shooting for now, thanks to a very special friend.   Being a huge fan of having my ass eaten from behind, we were trying to figure out some new and interesting positions.  One was to have him sit on the couch.  Feet on floor, back upright.  My hands go on the floor in a somewhat modified wheelbarrow race position.  Legs up at his head with  my ass and pussy right in his face.  His arms wrap around my thighs,  holding me up but at the same time parting my ass for him to dine with ease.  The plus to this is that once I cum all over his face, I can walk my hands out and he can kneel behind me on the floor for some amazing doggie.  Ok, why do I do this to myself?  NOW I have to go RESHOWER so that I am fresh as a daisy.

To my partners in crime, thank you for an incredible week.  Here’s to an even better one next week….SALUTE!

If Ya “Wannabe”

As I write this, I can still feel the pressure of his cock in my ass.  Yep.  I said it.  Let me say it again for you, THIS MORNING I HAD A WONDERFUL DICK IN MY ASS.  We fucked, he ate my pussy and then he fucked my ass until he came.  And then he left.

Ok, I think I got your attention.  Well, that really did happen, but that is not the whole point of my rant for today.  I was reading an article on this group of people that went to this club, and they did this whole fake brothel thing.  For one night there was a Madame, whores, clients, etc.  They created fake money for the clients to pay, every detail was given.   It was, according to the article, a huge success and in reading the post-coital interviews the participants were quite happy.  So why am I writing?  Well, all of the reasons that these people said that they went to this event were NOT why people go to providers.

For example, most people that don’t see girls state “I would never pay for sex, I don’t have to”.  That is what the participants started their interviews with and then went on with “but to pay for sex…yadda yadda…..”.  Like the clients I see HAVE to pay for sex.  To be honest with you, if I met pretty much any of my clients out, I would probably fuck them.  Handsome, successful, confident. Traits that would attract me to a man in general. They don’t pay for me because they CAN’T get laid.  It is just far more convenient than spending hours that they don’t have to sift through psycho women, with or without crazy husbands/boyfriends, all to get laid.  And frankly, if you make an appointment with a pro, you get the job done, and go.  It is the convenience they pay for, not the sex. Money for service, it’s how business is done!

Another thing that really hit me in that article was that a woman that got to be a fake whore got to live out her secret fantasy of being a call girl.  And she even said that if she would have had a worse off upbringing, she might have actually done it.  Maybe it is because of too much talk TV or something, I have no idea, but people, not everyone that is a sex worker is abused, neglected or from a broken home.  Some of us love sex, and love money.  The two go hand in hand in this industry!!! HELLO!!  If you were to ask any of my clients, they will tell you, I am very smart, and I probably enjoy my sessions more than they do.  To me, it is like the person that truly loves healing that makes a decision to become a doctor.  As for that woman who fantasized about being a call girl…..Honey, you’re a whore.  You just don’t KNOW it.  Just because you don’t get left a gift when you have a private encounter with a man does not mean you are not trading yourself for something.  I say it all the time….we all do it for something.  I just happen to be a part of a group of woman that are pretty no bullshit, and would rather decide what it is we are going to fuck FOR.  Sort of like the person that says at a holiday “Just give me cash!”

Not everyone was totally off.  There were some people that realized the benefits of sex-for-money, or as I like to call it, commercial sex.  For one, as a client, there is an opportunity for one to perform sexually in a way that will leave no explanation necessary to the provider.  I mean, imagine explaining to your wife of 20 years why all of a sudden you want to cum all over her face?  It is a lot easier to do on a provider…I think.  On the same note, you can say freely what you are looking for and for most clients; you expect that the provider has heard it all before.  Again, your wife might drop dead if you ask her to lick your asshole, but we have heard it a ton of times and its pretty standard, so we can say yes or no to the request, and move on, not fall apart over our partner’s sexual deviancy.

My conclusion?  As with anything worth discussing, there are many pro’s and many con’s to the concept of commercial sex, or a sex-for-money relationship.  Advocates and adversaries alike will have much to say about it in the next several thousand years, as they have in the past several thousand years.  But what I always keep in the back of my head, along with death, sex is an industry that will never go anywhere, regardless of what anyone says.  Take it or leave it, that’s up to you, but I’ll take a large cock, to go!

xo ~ V

If It Were Just Legal

As most of you know, I am from New York.  Recently Gay Marriage was legalized here.  Let me start off by saying to each his own, and I have no problem with gay people.  Shit, I’m down with sucking cock, so who am I to judge?  My main fucking issue here is, and yes, I am going to cross my arms and pout like the little bitch that I can be, why can gays get married but prostitution is illegal?

The first thing that all of the anti-commercial sex fuckbags say is that prostitution, like porn, undermines marriage.  Well, porn is legal.  Hmmmm.  And since “marriage” was instituted as a legal bond between a man and a woman, gay marriage blows that right the fuck out of the water.  But, you really want to know what undermines a fucking marriage???  How about this…..an uptight spouse that manipulates the shit out of the other partner.  One that won’t fuck unless it’s to get something, and then just muddles through it long enough to say they tried.  THAT really UNDERMINES a marriage.  How about, oh cheating in general?  Has anyone seen Ashley Madison?  It is a full on adultery website.  Life is short, have an affair.  Its right out there, you can pay to join. I am sure that the owners file all of their required tax forms and pay all of their taxes.  (Ok, insider tip, I know this to be true, they are a HUGE company because in my REAL job they wanted to buy a clients little itty bitty website for a stupid amount of money!)

Let’s talk about taxes.  I don’t know what newspapers everyone is reading but last I read, this country could use all the help it can get.  If prostitution were legal across the board, in all of the states, the amount of income tax alone that would be generated would be so incredible.  Add to it regulation, and bam.  WINNING!!!!  Think on this one.  The regulation alone would create such a weeding out of the lower level providers.  Of course, there are people that will say, oh, I would never ever want my tax dollars going to any government agency involved in prostitution, even if it’s to regulate it, etc.  To those assholes, I want to point the proverbial gun, pull the trigger and blow the fucking stupid out of their head.  I never got that form that lets me choose where my tax dollars go, because I would leave off illegal immigration, war, and welfare, but that is just me.

Of course you also hear about the use of drugs closely tied to prostitution.  I have read that if we legalize our hobby, drug use will go up.  Really? If you know me, and know where to find me, come get me now, let’s go drinking.  First of all, a drug addict is a drug addict.  If there is a girl, a streetwalker, who is high, or possessing an illegal substance, arrest her ass.  Lock her up.  For possession.  We are talking apples and oranges here.  I don’t know who half the world is fucking, but I know me, and I know a lot of the girls AROUND me, and we are clean.  Our money goes to salons, clothes, bills, vacations.  You think we look this good because we eat fucking Wheaties????  Drugs and prostitution may seem to go hand in hand in some worlds, but not this one.  Again, that is where regulation comes in.

OVERALL OPERATION…..upgraded.  Why do I say that?  I had stated earlier, when talking about Anthony Weiner, that a man operating on a happy dick, is a man operating WELL!  Of course there are men that see girls now.  There are always those that do what is against the law.  And to them, I salute you.  It’s like a speed limit.  There are always people that will do way over the legal limit.  Yet you will have a majority of people that will be in the range.  No matter what it is, but only because of the legal issue.  If legally they can do 100, they will.  It’s just the LAW that keeps them from doing it.  So, imagine if this world had millions of men, who NOW are able to get laid, and be HAPPY DICKS….we would have such a better world!!!  To be completely honest, the divorce rate would go way down.  If you have a guy getting laid, regularly, he would be way more likely to put up with the plethora of OTHER shit his wife throws at him, and be less likely to say I am so fucking out of here!!!

So, now that I have gotten that all off of my chest, in a fast nutshell, I am going to go and break the law yet again.  And to all of my fellow criminals, have a great day!!!!

xo ~ V