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Hey Kids!

Quickly just letting you know that the new site is up….and evolving.




Not sure if you are all aware…I moved the blog over to my website…..and there is where I post now…  There is a new post up……and if you subscribe here just click to subscribe there!! xoxoxoxoxox



New blog entry

For those of you that are not aware, my website now hosts my blog.  There is a new entry, and you can find it at


I will refer to here for as long as needed but if you subscribed here I believe you can subscribe there too!!!





Before I Go….

It has been no secret I have been off, awaiting some test results on my boob.  I know that everything is going to be fine, since my follow-up is so far away.  (Next week!).  I really had planned on staying low key, not doing anything.  In part that choice was because I  thought that I could NOT mentally be where I needed to be in order to deliver a premier service.  Thing with that line of thought is, I am not capable of being an elective celibate.   I have gotten to the point where I just need to get back on that proverbial horse, and ride that son-of-a-bitch like only I can.

I had sent out a few emails letting clients know that I would be ready to reschedule and set up this month.  Thankfully, I did get plenty of replies and I was able to maneuver my calendar where I am seeing my best clients first (mentally, that was a big deal for me).  AND…not only am I going to get my fuck on, but I went to do all of my girl things, and am going to be TO THE NINES for this evening’s event.  Yes, event.  Maybe comparable to a major silver screen star comeback.  Shit, afterwards there may even be some award given…who knows.

In a loss for words, all that I can say is I am wet just thinking about tonight.  My waxed pussy has this warm wetness that is making me more excited than I should be.  Thinking about skin on skin, and  his body moving over mine has me losing any ability to focus.  I can’t wait to have his cock enter me, and I know I am going to beg him not to move once it is there…..When I get horny, like REALLY horny, my nose gets itchy, stuffy and sometimes I sneeze.  Sorry for ruining the visual, but I  have my volumizing rollers in my hair, Im here in a bra and yoga pants, writing this, sniffling away.  Im just THAT HORNY!!!!!!

Well, I am going to finish getting ready…..think of me later!!

xo ~ V

Helloooooo Newman

Ok, so you all know that I am pretty up-front with my blog and diary.  The truth is what I write, and  for the  last week I have not written.  Since I went to the plastic surgeon actually.  I had decided for now to abstain from getting them worked on.  As it turns out, there was a lump in my left boob.  So, with that I had to go for all sorts of appointments  and tests.  Today was the last one and I will have the final results in about three days.  Keep in mind, I don’t really have to tell you this, but again, candor is one of my star qualities. Since this news, I have not seen  clients nor have I posted much, but only because my service would be impacted, and I never want  to be the very best…..

Why share  now?  Simply to show you that I, like the rest of the woman in the sex worker field, are actually real.  Yes, you don’t want to know this.  Making myself mortal instead of being the goddess you expect me to be is a big no  no.  Thing is, if you read the boards, or my email….so many men are asking what should I say to an escort?  How do I act?  etc.  Well, Hello is the best start….after all I am a regular woman!  I dont know, maybe I  am thinking so much about how REAL I am, and wanted to show you.

This is just a fast note to let you know I am still here.  I am going to be in  my chat room more, since I wont see clients til next week.  Just gonna relax til the results come in.




I Do Have Favorites…

I am not ashamed to admit it.  There are clients that I have that are my favorites, for one reason or another.  Rarely it has to do with the rate they donate to me.  Many moods, many men and for that I am truly fortunate.  Last night, however, was really one of my best.  Why?  Because when I can go out socially with someone and follow it up with a steamy fuck session, that is the very best for me.  That’s how last night was.  Getting ready to go in, I wasn’t too sure what the plan was so I went for a sexy conservative look, but the undergarments were full-on fuck me status.  Texting the whole while en route to meet him made only that much more interesting.  There was a text I received where he asked me to take a pic of my pussy right then if I could.  Risky, but I got the job done.  As we were driving down Second Ave, there was a couple at a light, older couple actually.  The guy was behind the woman and he was squeezing her boob.  We sort of  laughed and I said something about how they remind me of ’70′s swingers.  The moment that came out of my mouth, for some unknown reason I was instantly wet again, and I grabbed his hand.  Pulling it onto my lap, he started rubbing me through my clothes and I slid down a little and parted my legs so that it was easier for him.  With my window open, I am sure there had to be SOME people with a clue.

I did cum during the ride to dinner.  We both tasted it, together, and almost scratched dinner all together, but I really wanted to see my friend who is the Maitre ‘d.  Arriving at our destination, I ask for and get the best table.  Dinner is amazing, and we head back to his place.  The first thing he asks me is “Can I get a blowjob?” and since it would only be a fair reciprocation, I of course oblige him.  Having had a few glasses of wine, my already light gag reflex is all but non existent and his cock is sliding down my throat, to where it is closing off my air at moments.  Lifting my hands to his ass, pushing him far down my throat he asks me if I want him to cum.  I look up at him and  hum a mmhmm…His pace quickens, but he maintains the depth.  Within a few moments I can feel the heat of his cum as its going down my throat.  Quickly he slides out, releasing the remainder onto my mouth and chin.

Without ruining this portion of Volume II, you can see why I really do love what I do….and I know he is reading this…the whole version will be written, as promised.  It was just that good!!!


xo ~ V

Countdown begins…

NAILBITER!!!  No, not the Rangers and the fact that they have only like 15 more games to go, or even that today is the Yankees home opener.  What has me all versplugginer is Monday.  This coming Monday I am going to meet with the TOP plastic  surgeon in the area  for some BOOBAGE.  I know, you all are wondering WTF is wrong with her??  Since I am a DDD now.  Thing is, I look just like a curvy girl, with my  ass and boobs as they are. Ok that is total bullshit….I am just going to  get me some BIG  OLE TITTIES as they say in Texas.  To try to  explain is stupid, so let  me just offer a pictorial explanation.  The first picture  is ME….This is my natural breast


This is an option.

These are pic one  We can call that one option one.  I like them, but they are really close to what my tits look  like now.  Size wize…mine of course are natural…..Then we have option two….


ok….this is what I really like.  They are great!!!  The top really does them no justice though, but hey, you cant have everything…..well, I can, but you know what I mean.  Now, to cross over the line of what I really would do, and to hit on the IS THAT REALLY FUCKING POSSIBLE???  I have found two more pics I will share, mainly to hear about what you think of them.


Looking at it now, even that is not SO awful, I mean, my hair is longer than hers LOL….my guess is that 99% of you would say VAL!!! NO WAY!!!!………..right?


Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea.  Now, this is not even a thought in my pretty little head, but I did have to share this…..I think that to get these tits you have to pass a Homeland Security Clearance to assure you will not be harboring terrorists.  And, with my love of travel, I really think this would cause some issues on airplanes.  Just saying!!!!

SO….there you have it… choices… hear it, what do you think??  Remember, my appointment is MONDAY!!!!!

As a parting gift……


  Yes, those are mine.  HA HA…I think I have big ones, but now after seeing all of that, I feel so inadequate!!!!


Love you guys!

xo ~ V


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